Welcome to your new parish family!

We welcome you and would love for you to join our unique parish community. For your convenience, you can click HERE to complete our online parish new member registration form! If you are joining our parish and are coming from another parish, be sure to call or email your previous parish to let them know you are transferring to Epiphany of the Lord. We look forward to you becoming an active member of our unique parish family!

Are you interested in the Catholic faith?

We welcome you with open arms as you seek to grow in your faith life and explore the possibility of becoming a Catholic Christian. Our community shares this journey with you. Please consider setting an appointment with our Director of Faith Formation, Kathy Fech at kfech@epiphanyofthelord.org to further discuss your journey home to the Roman Catholic Church. The following page (link to OCIA page) has more information on what your process may look like, depending on whether or not you are baptized or not. Either way, we are eager to support you during this exciting time and will plan a personalized process that will best meet your needs and schedule. 

Are you unfamiliar or new to the Mass?

The Mass is the ancient form and central act of worship in Christianity. The word “Mass” comes from the Latin word “missio” which means “mission – to be sent.” We go to Mass to be nourished by God’s Word and the Holy Eucharist so that we are prepared to go into the world on a mission as Jesus’ disciples, to share his love and mercy. The Mass is comprised of hymns and chants, prayers, readings from the Sacred Scripture, a homily (sometimes referred to as a sermon), and reception of the Holy Eucharist by Catholics. It includes the gestures of standing, as a sign of respect and raising our hearts to God; sitting, to receive God’s Word and reflect; and kneeling, as a sign of profound respect and humility. Don’t worry about knowing your way around the Holy Mass or when to sit, stand or kneel. The booklets in the pews (referred to as the missalette) provides a basic order of the Mass that will guide you. Because we are Catholic (meaning “universal”), all Catholic parishes throughout the world use the same Scripture readings and prayers every day, especially Sundays. It’s just one more way we are completely united in our faith and practice.

To learn more about the Holy Mass, check out this short video…

To view the live stream Mass on Facebook - Saturday Vigil at 4:00 pm, click here