Holy Orders

In the Sacrament of Holy Orders, a man commits his life to Jesus Christ, in order to teach, sanctify, and lead. Diocesan Priests commit their lives to serve the people of a diocese, a and generally work in parishes, schools, or other Catholic institutions as assigned by the Bishop of their diocese. Diocesan priests make promises of celibacy and obedience. The diocesan priest centers his life on the love of God and the love of the people of God calls him to serve. He assists people in recognizing and acknowledging God’s presence and movement in their daily lives. The diocesan priest is a teacher. He shares the word of God through preaching. Through the sacraments, he touches people’s lives when they hurt, when they love, and when they commit themselves to the Christian way of life. He is a genuine, faithful, and focused person who loves God, loves the Church, and is willing to center his life around that call to love.

The Sacrament of Holy Orders is the continuation of Christ’s Priesthood, which he bestowed upon his Apostles. There are three degrees to this sacrament: the Episcopate (Bishop), the Presbyterate (Priest), and the Diaconate (Deacon). Young and adult men who are curious about the priesthood and who may be discerning a vocation are encouraged to contact the Pastor at 419-698-1519 who would be very happy to answer questions and to share his vocation stories.

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