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Should we get signs like these? Little church humor for everyone this evening.

Should we get signs like these? Little church humor for everyone this evening. ... See MoreSee Less

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FrJeff McBeth😆

Happy Feast Day
Saint Sebastian
256 - 288
Feast Day: January 20
Patronage: Soldiers, archers, holy Christian death, athletes
St. Sebastian was a brave Roman soldier who secretly converted many to Christianity in the 3rd century. He was ordered executed and was shot at with arrows and left for dead; a widow discovered him still alive and nursed him back to health, at which time he denounced the persecution of the Christians and was beaten to death. He is the patron saint of athletes and soldiers because of his extreme physical endurance and his brave and energetic way of spreading and defending the Faith.
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Happy Feast Day
Saint Margaret of Hungary
1242 - 1271
Feast Day: January 18
Patronage: against floods
St. Margaret of Hungary, Daughter of King Bela IV, became a Dominican novice at the age of twelve. Although she was a princess among nuns who were of noble descent, she objected to any special treatment and went out of her way to perform the most menial tasks and the most exacting labors on behalf of the squalid poor and most advanced hospital cases. The extend of her labors and fasting and hours of prayer brought on the fatigue of which she died on January 18.
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Happy Feast Day
Saint Anthony the Abbot (St. Anthony the Great)
Feast Day: January 17
Patronage: bakers, farmers, farm animals, cemetery workers, basket weavers, monks, butchers, protection against skin rashes and diseases, epilepsy, amputees
Saint Anthony the Abbot was the founder of Christian monasticism and it’s first Abbot. Considered a Desert Father, he led a life of severe asceticism and strove for complete solitude. After hearing the Gospel of Matthew 19:21 he gave away all his possessions and lived as a hermit. Through his intercession, he brought about miraculous healings, comforts to the suffering and wise guidance to his followers. He was a friend of St. Paul the Hermit and St. Athanasius wrote his biography.
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Happy Feast Day
Our Lady of Pontmain (Our Lady of Hope)
Feast Day: January 17
Patronage: Pontmain, France and Hope
In 1871, France was being devastated by the Franco-Prussian war. The Prussians were close to the town of Laval when on the evening of January 17, Eugene Barbedette and his brother Joseph saw an apparition of our Lady. A crowd gathered but only children could see the apparition, not adults. After the town gathered praying and singing, she told them that “God heard their prayers and fears and would answer their needs.” That same day, the Prussians halted their advances when their commander encountered an “invisible Madonna barring the way.” In May that same year, a peace treaty was signed. The local Bishop approved the apparition in 1872 and in 1908 the church was dedicated as a Basilica to Our Lady of Hope of Pontmain.
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Welcome to Mass for the 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time ... See MoreSee Less

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Peace be with everyone!

Good afternoon everyone

Peace be with you 🙏

Good afternoon ☺️

Amen 🙏




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Happy Feast Day
Saint Paul the Hermit
Feast day: January 15
Patronage: basket weavers, clothing industry, hermits, weavers
Saint Paul the Hermit, also called Paul of Thebes, a well educated Egyptian, was the first Christian hermit, embracing the life of solitude and penance. He fled to the desert to circumvent the Christian persecution of Decius and from plans of his brother to report him to authorities to gain control of his property. Paul lived as a vegetarian, using the leaves of a Palm tree for clothing. It’s said that a raven supplied him with bread. St. Anthony of Egypt was good friends with him and buried him, wrapped in a cloak given by St. Athanasius. St. Jerome wrote his biography.
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Happy Feast Day
The Infant of Prague
Feast Day: January 14
He is the patron of children, family life, missions and those facing financial concerns.
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Thank you to all who joined us for an evening of reflection tonight.

Fr. Eric introduced us to the important role the lector ministry has in the Mass as well as blessed all the lectors. He also gave some tips to help all better exercise this ministry. Three current lectors gave powerful witnesses on how this ministry impacts their spiritual life. Michael Petro shared with us on Lectio Divina, a way to pray with scripture.

We look forward to strengthening liturgical ministries at Epiphany through these evenings. Our next one will reflect on ushering and hospitality and is scheduled for March 10.
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Gee, I really need to read the bulletin -

Jon Jacoby, from our maintenance staff, found this in the attic in the convent. We know what is for. Do you? Post some guesses and well let everyone know later.Image attachmentImage attachment

Jon Jacoby, from our maintenance staff, found this in the attic in the convent. We know what is for. Do you? Post some guesses and we'll let everyone know later. ... See MoreSee Less

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Kudos to MO, Katie, and Jeanne. for the correct answer. MO was the first to guess correctly and it sounds like he used this exact one! How fun!

It's a machine to punch out unconsecrated hosts - large and small.

Host punch large and regular size

I was going to go with embosser, but I'll go with hole punch.

It’s a stamp of some sort.

I remember seeing that up there when we put the phone system in

Used as punishment in the early to mid 60’s if you were caught using your left hand for penmanship class.

Stamping the communion wafers?

Coffee grindr

morse code machine?

Body of Christ.

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Happy Feast Day
Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys
Feast Day: January 12
Patronage: Against poverty, loss of parents, those rejected by religious orders, the poor
Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys is Canada’s first canonized women saint. She was born in France and through many trials, she became a nun. Our Lady called her to missionary work saying, “Go and I will not forsake you.” So in 1653, she traveled to Montreal to help with teaching the children there. She founded the sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame in 1658 that specialized in educating and apostolic work among the Indians and French children. St Marguerite is called the “Mother of the Colony” and one of the founders of Montreal.
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