Our Pastoral Council

2020 – 2021 Pastoral Council of Epiphany of the Lord Parish

Canon 536 §1. “A Pastoral Council is to be established in each parish, over which the Pastor presides and in which the Christian faithful, together with those who share in Pastoral care by virtue of their office in the parish, assist in fostering Pastoral activity…A Pastoral council possesses a consultative vote only and is governed by the norms established by the diocesan bishop.”

The Pastoral Council of Epiphany of the Lord Parish is an advisory, brain-storming, recommending and executing/implementing body in support of the ministry of the Pastor, Pastoral Staff, and the entire Epiphany of the Lord Parish as a whole. The Council assists in fostering the vision, mission and pastoral activity of the parish through idea-generation, counsel, support, follow-through, and providing recommendations to the Pastor regarding activities and pastoral endeavors of Epiphany of the Lord Parish. In simple terms, the Pastoral Council is an active, faithful, and dedicated group of parishioners who will be both “thinkers and doers.”

  • Rev. Eric Mueller; ex-officio
  • Rev. Melwin Dsouza, ex-officio
  • Deacon Jose Garcia; ex-officio
  • Deacon Leon Holmer, ex-officio
  • Kathy Wilhelm – President
  • Robert Tate – Vice President
  • Michelle Hosey – Secretary​
  • Charles Duvendak
  • Laurie Mahler
  • Nancy Quiroga
  • Don Miller
  • Kathy Niehaus
  • Olga Tucker
  • Karen Van Dyke

Click here to review the bylaws of the Epiphany of the Lord Pastoral Council.

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