Holy Communion

Congratulations and Welcome to the Table of the Lord May 1, 2022! 

Clara Alfaro ~ Bryce Auxter ~ Mason Davis ~ Aniyah Johnson ~ Jacob Kuhlman ~ Aliana Monjaras ~ Aubrey Newton ~ Gabriella Pecina ~ Mia Pecina 

Celebrants: Fr. Eric Mueller
Deacon Jose Garcia and Deacon Leon Holmer
Kathy Fech, Director Faith Formation

If you have a youth who will be in 2nd grade for 2022-2023 and needs to prepare for First Communion, please fill out the First Communion Registration below.
This program is a diocesan requirement whether the student is in Catholic school or parish Faith Formation classes. 

2nd Grade First Communion Preparation- Registration Form (spring 2023)

  • Please do not list mother's married name. In the last name box, please ensure the maiden name is written.
  • Please ensure that all required fields (marked with a star) are filled out. If you hit submit and were not redirected to a new page, please scroll to the top of the form to see which areas you may have missed.

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