Epiphany Encounter

Hitch up your camels and pack up some frankincense and myrrh. Head to the east (side, that is) to pay homage to your priests. Or, at least, enjoy a brief visit with them to celebrate our Parish Feast Day. 

Sun. Jan. 3, 2021 

2-4 pm
St. Stephen Gym/Cafeteria 

If possible, we request that families whose last names begin with A-M arrive between 2-3 pm and families whose last names begin with N-Z arrive at 3 pm or later to assist with social distancing. 

  • This is in place of our previously cancelled “St. Nicholas Shuffle”; all plans subject to change or cancellation in light of the pandemic 
  • The Epiphany Encounter provides a chance to chat, briefly, with the priests. It is not a chance to visit with others and no refreshments will be served. 
  • Please enter on the gym side– the entrance nearest the rectory 
  • We ask all attending to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth the entire time. 
  • Wait in the designated line with your entire household. 
  • When it’s your family’s turn, you can exchange masked face-to-masked face holiday and feast day greetings with the priests. 
  • If possible, bring a clearly labeled photo of your family not wearing masks to help Fr. Eric get to know you. 
  • Our Zoom meetings remain a wonderful option for getting to know Fr. Eric (without masks!). If you cannot attend or cannot stand in line, we encourage you to go to https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4aa8ad2da4f8cf8-meet and schedule your visit today! 
  • Those attending the “Encounter” are also welcome to schedule a Zoom meeting with Fr. Eric in order to have a longer visit with our new pastor. 

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