Celebrating Mass at Home

We know that watching Mass from home is a new experience for many. It can be difficult to prayerfully focus from your comfy couch. Here are some tips our staff compiled to help you with homebound worship for the coming Sundays.


  • Plan ahead: Decide no later than Saturday which Mass you are going to view. Inform the family and put it on the calendar. 
  • Get dressed: Get out of your pajamas and get dressed for the day. 
  • Eliminate distractions: Shut off the phone, move your office or school work out of the way, put away other distractions. 
  • No food or drink: You wouldn’t have coffee and a bagel during Mass at church. 
  • View early: Gather around the TV, computer, or radio at least 10 minutes before Mass is scheduled to begin. 
  • Participate: Pray the responses aloud. Stand during the gospel. Kneel (if able) during the Eucharistic prayer. If you know the hymns, sing along. 
  • Build community: Agree to watch the same Mass as friends or family members. Then, arrange a phone call to discuss the readings, homily, or other aspects of the Mass. 
  • Start a Mass journal: If you need a way to better focus, grab a notebook and begin journaling during the homily. What are the key points you want/ need to remember from the homily? What is God’s lesson for you today? What changes are you called to make in your life this week? Children can also keep a journal or draw photos of what they heard about in the gospel. 

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