18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Epiphany Family,
I had a restful and relaxing time with my family on vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains a couple of weeks ago. Seventeen out of nineteen of us were able to be together (my second oldest brother and his oldest son were not able to join us). Having time to rest and get away from everyday life in some way is crucial. We read in the gospels of Jesus taking time away from the crowds to be with His Father in prayer. Yet as Jesus did we must also return to our everyday mission from our rest, relaxation, and prayer, hopefully being refreshed and renewed.

It takes the help, support, and prayers of many to carry out our mission as a parish – Disciples journeying toward Christ, manifesting God’s love through Sacraments, Worship, and Service. Thanks be to God that we have been able to be together and do more together recently! Fr. Melwin’s farewell weekend was a beautiful time to be together as a parish family. We can only carry out our mission as a family united as one. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to carry out a successful Flea Market and Mexican Dinner! We can do so much together and help support the mission of proclaiming and sharing Jesus. While these events are a nice boost in supporting our parish, your daily prayers and generosity with your time and regular sacrificial giving are the essential foundation of helping us advance our mission as a parish family. Thank you for all you are and do for Jesus and our parish family!

In Christ,
Father Eric

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