2nd Sunday of Lent

Dear Epiphany Family, 

This time of the year new priestly assignments begin to take shape for July. I was called last year by Bishop Thomas mid-March about coming to Epiphany. Assigning priests has become more challenging in recent years with numbers of priests going on senior status (retiring from an active ministry assignment/responsibility) outnumbering new priests being ordained. Thanks to be God for international priests, of course including Fr. Melwin, which have generously helped to serve our diocese and bring Christ to us. Please pray daily for new vocations to the priesthood (that men’s hearts would be open to Jesus’ call to follow him as priests, which may even be among your families – He is still calling) and also for me, Fr. Melwin, and all priests. We are used to and privileged to pray for others, bringing God to people and people to God, but we are human beings and in great need of prayer ourselves. Please pray for us daily. I found this beautiful prayer from (Mother) St. Teresa of Calcutta that you might choose to pray: 

Mary, Mother of Jesus, throw your mantle of purity over our priests. Protect them, guide them, and keep them in your heart. Be a Mother to them, especially in times of discouragement and loneliness. Love them and keep them belonging completely to Jesus. Like Jesus, they, too, are your sons, so keep their hearts pure and virginal. Keep their minds filled with Jesus, and put Jesus always on their lips, so that he is the one they offer to sinner and to all they meet. Mary, Mother of Jesus, be their Mother, loving them and bringing them joy. Take special care of sick and dying priests, and the ones most tempted. Remember how they spent their youth and old age, their entire lives serving and giving all to Jesus. Mary, bless them and keep a special place for them in your heart. Give them a piece of your heart, so beautiful and pure and immaculate, so full of love and humility, so that they, too, can grow in the likeness of Christ. Dear Mary, make them humble like you, and holy like Jesus. Amen. 

In Christ, 
Father Eric 

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