3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time: Word of God

Dear Epiphany Family,

Today is the Sunday of the Word of God. Pope Francis began this special Sunday last year on the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time to highlight the importance of the Sacred Scriptures in our lives, the Church, and the world. There are many words and so much noise that fills our lives and our world, but we need to allow the Word of God, which communicates Jesus Christ Himself to take first place in our lives. God speaks not only to us as a whole Church, but also speaks a personal word to us through the Sacred Scriptures.

We should read or listen to the Word of God each day. Some practical ideas: Read through the gospels a chapter a day, asking the Holy Spirit to speak directly to your and your life; read the gospel each day from the daily Mass and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten and speak to you (read the passage more than once, allowing silence before your second reading); and/or perhaps listen the Bible in a Year podcast from Ascension Press and Fr. Mike Schmitz on your smartphone or computer. This is a powerful podcast in which he proclaims the readings well and also offers commentary that speaks to the heart (only takes about 20 minutes per day). God speaks to us and invites us to listen through His Word to love, change and transform us and our world.

In Christ,
Father Eric

*Please see the information on Fr. Mike Schmitz and his podcast, click here.

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