Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Dear Epiphany Family, 

Thank you for your kindness and the welcome I have received! Even before I came there were parishioners who friended me and welcomed me via Facebook. It is a tougher time to be connected to one another, yet we can remain united in prayer while waiting patiently and trustingly until we can better connect. I really look forward to getting to know you and walking alongside Jesus with you. 

By the time you will likely read this, I will be on vacation with my family. All 19 of us (my parents, siblings and their spouses, nephews and nieces) will be headed toward Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This will probably be our 6th or 7th time vacationing there as a family. It is definitely a place we love. I especially enjoy the great beauty of God’s creation in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I really enjoy hiking and hopefully will be able to hike at least with my dad and some of my nephews. 

It is always great to spend more time with my family. I see my siblings on holidays and a few other times during the year but this extended time is a real blessing. Our time together always reminds me of the beauty and messiness of family life, as well as the blessing of being an uncle. Three of my nephews are also my godsons. 

We all need downtime, time to rest, relax and find peace in the many ways that God offers it. I am so grateful that my family has usually all been able to vacation together for probably the last 10 years. 

Of course God gives us one day every week that should be a day of rest as well as of worship and prayer. We of course celebrate the day of Jesus’ resurrection, the day of the new creation, in which hope can never be exhausted. It is the day we gather together as a parish family and Christ’s Body to offer our sacrifices in union with His in the Mass. It is also a day to enjoy the blessing of family, the blessing of slowing down and resting so we can be refreshed and better carry Jesus to others during the week. I long for the day to gather with all of you safely on Sundays. Until then we remain always united in prayer. 

In Christ, 
Father Eric 

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